Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello, there.

Oof. I'm a bad blogger. I've been taking lengthy blog vacations out of sheer laziness. My mental justification for this is that I'd rather not blog at all than blog out of obligation. Because surely those will be some boring blogs.
Quick update on Zeus: he's FINE. He's so fine, he's back up to his peak of obnoxious affection and attention-seeking. He's trying desperately to get into more trouble, but is not given enough opportunities to find trouble any more. I can't afford another leg break. Or anything else for that matter.
Zoey, on the other hand, had some derriere issues this week. I won't gross you out with the details (and I promise, they are disgusting), but a round of antibiotics and some help from our local vet have sent her on the path to recovery.
Honestly, these dogs are killing me softly with vet bills.

In other news, Caleb turned 18 months old a week ago today! Holy moly, we're on the downhill slope towards 2 years old. Aaayyeee! He got his 18 month old shots, and clearly he's figured out what the immunization room at the Peds clinic is all about. Because he started fussing as soon as we got there, and when we dropped his jeans, he went into a proper fit. Fun! But he survived. Here he is in the waiting room at the Peds clinic. Look how blonde he is in this pic!
And he got another haircut. This time, we visited Jazzy D's in Thetford, which has a kid's only salon near the train station. Caleb got to fly a plane while getting his hair cut, and was rewarded with a lollipop, which he promptly dropped into a pile of his freshly cut hair. In the words of Caleb, "Mm!"

We took a trip to Banham Zoo today. Caleb ate it up. He's at the age where he wants to identify and label everything (the Adam Complex, my dad said), so he really enjoyed seeing birds ("buh!") and piggies ("peepees!") and sheep ("see! baaa!") and lions ("raaa!"). It was raining when we initially set out for the zoo, so we took him to our local indoor play zone for an hour, and then spent a good two and a half hours at the zoo, so he was completely knackered when we left. In fact, I need to wake him up soon. He's been sleeping for more than three hours! (Very unusual for my boy who rarely naps more than an hour.)

This is Caleb and Tommy looking at some leopards in the zoo. He also loved the giraffes!

It's absolutely amazing to see how much he's learning now. He can say so many stinking words. Some of his favorites are:
  • bus
  • bath ("bass")
  • fish ("iss")
  • juice ("deuce")
  • socks ("saw")
  • car (which sounds exactly like clock, "cah")
  • bubbles ("buh-boos")
  • walk ("wah")
  • ride ("rye")
  • outside ("ow-sy")
  • apple ("ah-poo")
  • banana ("nana")

And he's becoming a big fan of letting you know when he needs a diaper change. A friend of our watched him last night while we went out for Thai food. When we picked him up, she said he told her "I poo-pee" when he was in fact needing a fresh diaper. What a clever little tot!

He's seriously so FUNNY, too. He dances, spins, jumps, runs and just generally loves to have a good time. And he thinks everything he does is hilarious, so by default, it is hilarious! It's hard not to laugh when a toddler laughs. Even when he's getting into trouble. Oy.

Well, I guess a long blog makes up for a long absence, right? I'll try not to wait so long next time! Before I go, though, one more pic of Caleb and his girlfriend Lillian. Suddenly Caleb's into holding hands...with everyone but me! He's too big for momma. *Sob!* Oh well, at least he's got good taste in women! ;)