Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Incredible Baby

Dude. My brother is awesome. But do me a favor, and don't tell him that. He'll just get a big head.

This is Stephen's Hulk rendition of Caleb getting his hair cut. I love it!

Caleb's First Haircut

My husband has been trying to talk me into getting Caleb's hair cut for a little while now. I finally felt ready to part with those sweet, curling baby locks today. So we went down to the base barber to get Caleb's first hair cut.

Here's a picture of him before. His hair isn't attrociously long. It wasn't in his eyes yet. It was just getting really shaggy around the ears and the collar. I guess I just wanted to clean it up before his birthday.

Here he is settling into the barber's chair and trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

This is my favorite picture from the day. I think he's trying to channel his inner Hulk so he can explode with righteous rage and jump out of the chair to take us all on. If I was good with Photoshop, I would turn him green just to make me laugh.

This is the moment he realized what was going on and began to have a full meltdown. I had just put a Gerber Yogurt Melt in his mouth, which is what is showing here. No amount of singing, clapping or bribery with baby snacks could convince him that this was a good idea.

And here he is after his traumatic experience, enjoying Burger King for lunch, complete with a drop of apple juice on his chin. I actually have tried all day to get a better picture of him post-haircut, but in a move that clearly cries, "Stick it to 'em!" he's avoided my camera all day. Sly dude.

It's shorter than I imagined it would be, which is a lesson to take him off base next time. Military barbers cut military hair, regardless of client, I guess! :) There are also a few spots that are a bit shorter than others, but considering how much he was fussing and squirming, I'm just glad he didn't lose an ear. All in all, I'm pleased with the haircut and can't beleive how much older it makes him look!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Third Eye Obvious

Oh, by the way, I'm 15 again. Need proof? Witness the ginormous zit that currently occupies most of my forehead.

I'm nearing thirty and battling the type of acne that was the bane of my adolescent existence. I'm no stranger to adult acne, but I haven't had a Mount Vesuvius like this in ages. This is no small "spot," as they call them here in England. It might as well be my third eye.

That's right, I've got a third eye. And yes, as a matter of fact, it can read your mind, and it knows you're thinking wicked, judgemental thoughts towards it. Be careful, though. You can see by the above evidence that it's already angry. Angry and reading your mind. If you're not cautious with your thoughts, it will smite you.

My third eye will smite you!

Or perhaps the inflammation will recede at least a little bit over night.

Seriously. It's simply not right to be 29 and battling this kind of embarrassment. Thank goodness for bangs.

Just a blog

Sometimes I get caught up in writing what I think you'd like to read instead of just writing what I think about. Then I remember this is just a blog. Just a blog a few friends and my mom read. Nothing fancy, nothing published. Just a blog.

So the long and short of the last two weeks is that I finished my fifth graduate class. Hooray! It's going very quickly. This one was Group Counseling. And I actually learned a lot about myself in it.

First and foremost, I am a procrastinator. This is nothing new. If you know me, you know this. But I put off so much about this class till the last minute that I freaked out right before class started. Not normal stressing out. FREAKED out. Really. Good and formal Freakage with a capital F. As usual, this ended up being for no good reason. It was a great class with a great professor. The class and professor both were much more intimating on paper (the syllabus) than in real life. And it was not only enjoyable, but I feel as if I really learned a lot in this class.

I'm in an online class now, which is going well. It's with a professor I had in an on-site course. It's probably not common to know your online professors, so I like that she remembers me and I'm already familiar with her teaching and grading styles.

We now interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to announce that printer paper jams are the freakin' devil! It's never as simple as pulling one sheet of paper out. It's a process of pulling, shoving, muttering, opening, closing, "pressing OK" and repeating this process at least three times to rid the printer of its demons. It's a paper exorcism! ARRGGHH!

Okay, the printer is working again. Back to our regularly schedule blogging.

That's really about all that's going on here. So I'll finish by sharing a few pics.

Caleb has starting actually watching the TV, but seems to think it's necessary to be right up against the TV to enjoy it. He's watching Shrek here.

Caleb thinks it's hilarious to wear his shorts on his head. He might just think it's funny because I laugh the entire time. Seriously! Is there anything cuter?!

"As a matter of fact, I'm not ready for my close up!" This is the kind of picture he'll kill me for not deleting some day, but it cracks me up! This was my attempt to get his "shorts on the head" routine the first time. Clearly this was unsuccessful. And normally I have no problem deleting bad pictures, but something about his expression in this one just kills me!