Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Feeling a Bit Deflated

I'm realizing in these early days that it's easy to go from overwhelmed to hopeful to discouraged and back through the cycle at least twice in a week. Things happend a little slower and what my American mind considers a little backwards here.

We went back to the house yesterday. We were originally told the back yard fencing would be completed and the landlord would take pets. After we complete the application and paid the administrative fee, the real estate agent then called the landlord to ask if he'd consider pets and to check if the fence would be completed. I was a little surprised. I thought we had made it clear up front that those two were our only non-negotiables. But I guess that's just kind of how things work around here. We should find out today if the landlord will accomodate us or if we have to start looking again.

It's hard for me not to get riled up, like I might have in the states. So many things are so different! We bought sandwhiches at a little bakery/deli, and said we'd take them to go, but then changed our mind and looked for a table. When we sat down, we were informed that there is a charge for sitting down! I felt pretty foolish. We took our sandwhiches outside and found a bench. I have a feeling that won't be the last time I make some silly mistake!

We also had our first driving experience yesterday. SCARY. We test drove a BMW that a used car dealership near base is selling. It's a beautiful car, but may be more than we can afford right now. But it was so WEIRD to be driving on the other side! I kept repeating to myself, "Drive on the left. Drive on the left. Drive on the left." We only drove about three or four blocks in a low-traffic area, and we both did well. But really...it was no test of our driving skills. There were no round abouts, no real traffic. We'll see how it goes when we really hit the road!

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