Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just Life

Caleb is taking a nap. This is my productive time! So instead of being productive, I thought I'd blog. Haha.

It's been a while since I've blogged, which usually means one thing: everything is fine. My mom and I were talking about this. I haven't had much to blog about because things have finally started to even out. There are neither the lows of nusring problems nor the highs of a reunion with my husband. There is just life.

That's what I've been waiting for.

It blows my mind that my bitty baby bug will be four months old in four days. Time has flown by. Sometimes when I have him on one hip and I'm doing who knows what else with my other hand, it occurs to me that, "Wow. I'm doing this." It was SO overwhelming and exhausting and emotional at first. I truly beleive the only thing that kept me going was the constant encouragement and physical support of my mom. I would have lost my mind otherwise.

But here we are nearly four months later. Life has fallen into a natural, flexible routine. I know what to expect most days. He's such a good baby, and just radiates joy. I feel as if my heart has grown a thousand percent to be able to love him the way I do.

I've started a Master's degree progam with the Univeristy of Oklahoma. I'm studying International Relations, which is a mix between Political Science (yuck), Human Relations and Communications. I can also tie in some business/economics classes, but I'll probably opt out of those. My first class is in less than three weeks, and I'm drowning in inernational political theory. It's so mind-boggling. It's a lot like reading Russian literature. I feel like I'm swimming in thick pudding.

As of Sunday, my husband has been in the Air Force for ten years. Wow! We're half-way to being eligible for retirement. Hooray! :) Now if we can just keep the deployments to a minimun, the next ten years won't be so bad. Haha.

It is so stinking windy today, I'm sure I'll blow away when I walk out the door. It's trash day on our street, and there is so much garbage blowing around. Everyone's rubbish bin lids keep flying up and slamming down with each gust of wind.

Anyway, that's about it for now.

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