Thursday, March 05, 2009


Yesterday, during our ritual early morning cuddle session on the glider, Caleb pointed to a picture of my husband that was on a shelf above us. I pulled down the picture and asked Caleb, "Who's that?"

Caleb replied, "My Dada!"

My Dada! He's stringing together words! Actual words. Not just adorable babble-y noises, but putting together two legitimate words to make more sense out of them both. My Dada! Needless to say, I was thrilled. What a smart little cookie!

Today, he dropped the Dada.
Everything is now just "My!" I guess he can't quite formulate the whole "Mine!" but he certainly understands the concept. Everywhere we went today, everything was "My!" I had a late start at work this morning, and Caleb and I grabbed lunch at the cafe inside the Enlisted Club on one of the bases today. After a few minutes of him chewing and spitting out his pancakes followed by him throwing his tater tots everywhere, I figured he wasn't hungry and removed his food from his reach. At which point he seemed to grow Go-Go-Gadget arms and an internal megaphone as he reached for the missing tots and began to yell, "My! My! MY! MY! MYYYYY!"

Oh, my.

It was definitely a case of realizing that a new word is not necessarily a good word. That little single syllable which sounded so adorable in front of "Dada" is so much more powerfully annoying all on its own. Truly, he is a toddler in every sense of the word now.

And I know this is only the beginning. Right now he's mostly saying it because he enjoys the sound of it. But soon, soon my friends, he will be imbued with that heady sense of ownership of all things that toddlers seem to posses. It's bad enough I have to share the bathroom with him now, can't I eat my 100 calorie cookies in peace?!

My guess is no.

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  1. Awwww, Gawd I remember when mine was there.. doing and saying the same things! :o)