Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My Baby Has Friends!

There are two primary reasons that I'm the worst blogger ever lately. One is that I'm busy finishing up my last semester towards my graduate degree through the University of Oklahoma, and quite frankly there's a lot to do!

Second, there's been sun lately. SUN! The big yellow ball in the sky has been uninhibited by those pesky clouds and their rain. Caleb has actually worn SHORTS to school this week. Unbelievable. As a result, we've spent way more time outside at the playground than usual.

Don't get me wrong, we're still in England. A week ago we had a miserably cold and rainy day. Well, cold for May anyway. But the rainy days are becoming less and less common and the sun has been a good friend of ours lately. Honestly, it's enough to make me sing. Bring on the Fresh Prince, put an umbrella in my drink, and find me my flip flops! It's pradtically summer in the UK! At least for today. I'm sure that will change tomorrow.

So the most precious thing ever happened yesterday after work. Dinner was done, and we were relaxing upstairs when I heard someone knock on our front door. As I approached the door, I could tell it was the neighbor kids, so I assumed a ball had popped into our backyard and the wanted permission to retrieve it. Instead they asked if Caleb could come out and play! Well technically they asked if I was going to bring Caleb out to play, but all the same.

My baby has friends! Like actual neighborhood kids that come to ask for him at the door!

I was already in my pajamas, but I rushed upstairs to change so we could go hangout at the playground with Caleb's new buddies. Of course, they are all a good bit older than him (ranging from 3 to 8.) They all love him because he's the "baby." They get to push him on the swing, help him up the jungle gym, and hold his hand as they run around. Caleb loves the attention and the silly things they'll do to make him laugh.

In other news, Caleb is learning so much. New words include moon, rock, Manny (as in Handy Manny) and money (he likes putting money in his piggy bank.) I think he's trying to say "doggie" finally. He's been calling them "deedees" forever, it was one of his first words. Now he calls them "debbies" occasionally, with I think is a transition to doggies. He no longer calls cars "beep beeps," but actually calls them cars, (which sounds more like "cah.") He can do baby sign language for dog, frog, bird and his favorite, horse.

(On a side note, it makes me sad a bit when he graduates from his baby words to big people words.)

Also: Caleb has said his first sentence! He now says "I see you!" which sounds like "Ahtheeoo!" whenever we play peek-a-boo.

Oh, and he's a monkey. He climbs on ANYTHING. I found him STANDING in my window sill the other day! Like he's stinking Peter Pan coming to teach Wendy to fly! We've had to start putting a dining room chair in the middle of the living room for him to climb on. He does better climbing without the table to get in his way.

And I guess that's about it! I should be completely done with my classes, comps and internship come the end of July or so. Until then, I'm just plugging away trying to wrap things up!

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