Sunday, November 08, 2009

Thetford Fireworks Night

It's getting colder, that's for sure. And darker. Winter's on it's way, and there's fat little we can do about it!

We went to our town's local firework display/family day event this afternoon. It was fun! There were plenty of rides and English fair food (which, I have to say, is a bit different than American fair food! Not nearly greasy or sweet or salty enough! I guess that could be applied to most English food, though. Not just fair food!)
One of the rides was a small train, which immediately caught Caleb's attention. We took a few turns on the tiny, circular track, which made his day.

Caleb also tried cotton candy for the first time. He spit it out the first few times, but eventually caught on to it's sugary goodness!

I wasn't sure how Caleb would do with the fireworks, but he did alright. He didn't freak out or cry, but after a couple of minutes, he buried his face in my neck and said very quietly, "No, no, no." After a few minutes, we left, and when we got far enough away from the fireworks, he lifted his head and said, "Go 'way, fie-wohks." However, since it never escalated into all out fear and freak-outtedness, I'd say he did all right!
All-in-all, it was fun! We'll have to do it again next year when Caleb will probably want to ride more rides and eat more cotton candy and, who knows? Maybe he'll want to see more fireworks!

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