Wednesday, March 03, 2010


So, I had a pretty cool opportunity today that I had to let go of, and I really didn't realize how much it would hurt, but hoowee! It did hurt.

I was offered an orientation flight with the guys from one of the squadrons I work with, and I jumped at the chance last week. I knew it might be tricky, because I had something going on that night (tonight), but at the time, it seemed like it would work out.

Unforunately, the mission changed today and there was going to be a later landing. Since I had already made obligations for that night, I had to take myself off the flight. Instead, I spent the day looking out my window at the flightline and the clear skies thinking, "I could be flying. And instead, I'm reviewing performance reports."

It was a pretty big bummer. I suddenly had a newfound respect for the disappointment my coworkers go through when their flights cancel for various reasons. It SUCKS to be stuck behind a desk when you should be in the sky! Ugh! How do they put up with this?!

Anway, I managed to get over it, but I have to admit, it did sour the day a bit. The reason I had to bail was because I had organized a circuit training social for my husband's squadron's spouses. So I went to that tonight. And although the turnout was pretty meager, we did get a great workout and I had a good spite of burpees and lunges and renegade rows.

So THANKS to the ladies that showed up! I was really glad to see your sweating faces! And thanks to Courtney, who led the class. She was awesome!

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