Thursday, April 15, 2010

Still here!

Remember how I said I was going to try and commit to blogging daily back in January? Well, clearly I have not met that goal. Not even close!

But if it makes you feel any better (and I'm sure you couldn't care less), I do think about blogging almost daily. The problem is really finding the time. Work days are long days. And right now Mr. K is out of the country and Caleb is boycotting bedtime, both of which make work days even longer.

But I do think of you, my three-to-five loyal readers, often. In fact, I've even started a few posts to finish up the story of my brother's visit, but those posts haven't made it to the public eye because, quite frankly, they sucked. And I think you deserve better than that. So I'll shelve them for now, work on them later, and hopefully get back into the groove soon.

I haven't given up, I promise! (This is what I told myself in March when my diet and exercise plan fell apart for a bit due to illness and family visits. But hey, April has been good for that regime. Maybe it'll pick up for blogging, too!)

A volcanic plume is either a.) heading to England, or possibly b.) already over England. This doesn't affect me personally as I don't have any immediate travel plans. It did make my coworkers' day quite unusual and surreal, I'd say. But I did just want to say we haven't been struck by the apocalypse yet. Don't worry, though. We have plenty of canned goods and diapers should things get hairy. ;)
That's it for now, but no post is complete without a pic. So here ya go. Caleb enjoying a beautifully chilly English spring Sunday this past weekend. Here's hoping for good weather (that won't be clouded over by volcanic ash!) this weekend! :)

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