Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy (American) Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! We spent the day out at RAF Feltwell, where they open the base up every year to Americans and Brits alike to celebrate our independence from these tea-drinking jerks! (I kid, I kid!)

A friend of mine posted on Facebook recently about how strange it is to celebrate our independence in the very country from whom we were declaring independence, and how stranger, yet, it is to open up our celebration to those very countrymen we were rebelling against. Surreal thought it may be, it's still a fun celebration every year.

Now I'll admit, there's a shocking lack of red, white and blue in this post. And no fireworks, either. They do fireworks at Feltwell, but it's not until like 9 or 10 pm, and Caleb has pretty much turned into a pumpkin by then.

But we did have plenty of fun with friends.

And Caleb and I had plenty of fun with each other while my husband worked his squadron's food booth.
At the end of the long row of fried food booths which so proudly declare our independence from caring about our waste lines was a small booth with fresh watermelon and pineapple slices. Genius! After the corndog, chili cheese fries and, yes, fried Oreos, a slice of fresh fruit was absolutely divine.

Caleb had a blast all day. Summer sunshine + hot dogs + rides + getting to sit in a helicopter, fire truck and ambulance + bouncy castles + friends = a little bit of Caleb heaven. He did have a few rough patches (not enough nap and too much sunshine trigger these things), but overall, he did pretty good.

My favorite shot of the day, and possibly my favorite pic of Caleb ever up to this point, came while we were waiting for a Battle of Britain memorial flyover from a Spitfire. We never did see the Spitfire (it was running a little late, I guess, and we were just ready to go home), but I did grab this little gem.

The bad moods and tempers are exhausting and frustrating. But these little moments of pure, unadulterated toddler joy wrapped in sunshine are absolutely the most amazing little slices of life. In those moments, you completely forget that whiny, cranky side even exists.

No worries, though. Toddlers are quick to remind you of that other side! ;)

Happy 4th of July!

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  1. What an awesome pic of Caleb. How'd you get him to pose for you?