Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ode to Lil

It goes without saying that the hardest part of moving is leaving good friends. Even when you know you'll see them again, losing them as a part of your regular life isn't easy.

This is Caleb's best bud Lily.


She's been his friend since he was 1 month old and she was 11 months old. They didn't know they were friends at the time, but they soon figured it out.

070408 (20)

For a while, they didn't really know how to play together, so mostly they just hung out and babbled at each other.

Anglsey Abbey 2 (4)

Once they got a bit bigger, though, they liked to go on adventures together. Sometimes they were local adventures, like to the river in downtown Thetford on a sunny afternoon.

Lily and Caleb July 10 018

Ely was another local favorite from the time they were babies until they became the big kids they are today.

Ely (3)

Other times, we'd go a bit father, like to a proper beach!

Hunstanton Beach June 10

Sometimes we'd go for a while without seeing Lily. But as soon as we did, Caleb was ready with a big hug for her.

Halloween 1 (21)

Or sometimes just a hand to hold.

4 July 10 019

Caleb knows he's moving to South Carolina soon. And he knows that Lily is moving, too. But I'm sure he doesn't quite grasp that he's not going to be able to go over to Lily's house any time soon. I'm sure he isn't aware that she won't be in his classroom at his day care any more.

004 - Copy

His whole little world is about to shift and get toppled upside down.

He's young and resilient, and I know he'll recover. At the same time, my mom heart hurts for my little guy. To lose all that is familiar is hard. To lose the familiar comfort of regular contact with your best friend in the process is heart breaking.


All the same, I'm grateful for the three years of friendship he's banked with Lil. Fortunately she'll be moving close to some of my family in the not-so-distant future, so I know we'll see her and her family again.

And I'm glad for that. 'Cause she's a keeper. :)

101408 (4)

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  1. Dear Kelly, your message made us cry, because we know that both Caleb and Lilly will miss each other a lot... of course, they will be friends forever...the kind of connection they have will never be broken by distance.. They will see each other and I hope you and Robin keep up your friendship, that way, the kids connection will grow, time and distance won't matter. They have a foundation that can last as long as they have help from you and Robin. Thank you for being Robin's friend. She loves you and I know that you love her too. See you soon in the States.. Love, Mom Gates