Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mrs. Clean

i have two polar opposite tendancies when it comes to cleaning. i can be a complete and lazy slob who won't touch her dishes for days and won't clean the house for weeks. and then suddenly, and unexpectantly, Clean Kelly wakes up, and in a terror of concentrated energy, will tackle not only the dishes and house cleaning, but any other project that's been on the backburner for months.

i like Clean Kelly. she's a little psycho about the cleanliness, but i wish she'd be around more often.

when i was younger, the trifecta of cleanliness was to go to bed in clean pajamas on clean sheets in a clean bedroom. it was a lovely, if rare, peice of heaven.

these days, there is one more element that completes the quadfecta (is that a word?) of cleanliness: clean dogs. so tonight i will be hitting the sack in freshly washed pajamas on freshly washed sheets in a clean house...AND with freshly bathed dogs!

i was so ambitious today. i cleaned the house, did all of my laundry (not just washing and folding...but putting it away, too!), did poop and weed patrol in the back yard, cleaned out the dogs crate, AND gave the Z's a bath. how motivated was i?! seriously, i deserve an award!

i wish i knew how to bottle this concentrated energy and motivation. if i could somehow come up with a motivation pill, i'm sure i'd make millions. or at least finally finish the wedding scrapbook i've been "working on" for over three years now! that thing is truly the bane of my existence. i NEED to put it behind me.

maybe the next time Clean Kelly wakes up, she'll bring Creative Kelly with her. surely there is a team that cannot be stopped!

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