Monday, October 01, 2007

quick update

i returned to labor & deliver today for a follow-up appointment to Friday's high blood pressure situation. my labs are still good, the baby's heart rate is where it should be, and my blood pressure is in the normal range again. i guess it was just a hiccup!

i have my 40 week appointment on wednesday, which seems really unnecessary to me. i spent four hours at the hospital on friday, about an hour and a half today, and all is good. do i really need to come back in two days to do all the standard, "all you allergic to latex?" and "any loss of fluid?" questions? i mean, if something changes at this point, i'll call L & D. i can see coming back in a week. two days seems just silly.

the dr said everything looks great, and that the only thing we need is for this baby to come! to which i replied, "tell me about it!" he did say if i go too much longer, we'll have to discuss the possiblities of inducing labor. obviously, i'd much rather caleb make his own escape, so hopefully he'll come this week.

there was another lady in labor as we were hanging out in L & D. she was in two of my baby classes, and isn't due for about two more weeks, i beleive. she was in very early labor with minimal contractions, but because her water had started to break, they wanted to keep her there. anyway, i get a little pang of jealousy any time another woman goes into labor or i hear about a baby's birth. it's strange to have labor envy, but there you go!

another thing that is strange is how for weeks and months, you want to do everything possible to avoid contractions, cramping, loss of fluid or anything that might indicate labor. then all of the sudden, one day, it becomes perfectly okay! you go months grateful for no signs of labor, and then suddenly want those signs to appear like nothing else.

okay, that's really it. my blogs have gotten longer and longer lately. even my quick updates have multiple paragraphs!

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