Friday, January 30, 2009

Good morning, sun.

Well, shoot.

Apparently I accidentally changed the time on my alarm clock last night when I was trying to set it. Because instead of getting up at 5:45 this morning, I got up at 4:45. Only I didn't realize this until I had already showered, gotten dressed, done my hair and make up, woke up Caleb and gotten him dressed to.


Anyway, I've been wanting to updated my blog for a bit, but frankly haven't had the time. I guess this is what it'll take to get it updated these days, accidentally waking up early.

Which brings me to an important question. Which is worse: accidentally waking up early, or accidentally sleeping in? If you wake up early and don't realize it until too late, you can't go back to bed and have to find something else to fill your time. On the other hand, you can try and get stuff done and actually have breakfast for once.

If you sleep in, you generally wake up in a panic, try to get all your normal stuff done in a tiny amount of time, and probably get in trouble for showing up to work late (depending on how late you sleep.) But on the other hand, you also managed to sneak in a little extra sleep. Although I suppose you lose the gratification for extra sleep in the panic of trying to get ready. So I guess waking up early is better.

Okay, back to updates. Work is going well. I feel very comfortable back in my old job and my new coworkers have been great. I like being the part-time teller because I get some half days here and there, which allows me to run errands and try to do homework.

Caleb is adjusting well to day care. He had a rough first week, but I suppose that is normal. Yesterday the teacher said he had a really good day. He only cried when we dropped him off and not at all the rest of the day. In fact yesterday was the first day he didn't cry when I picked him up. He was at the window playing with a toy, and when he heard my voice, he turn around with a huge smile and ran up to me with open arms! Ahhhh! I LOVED it! The teachers all say what a good eater he is (really, the boy can pack it away!) although he still getting used to his new napping schedule. (He goes down about 3 hours earlier than he's used to.) I do find that he goes to bed MUCH easier than he used to. No fussing or crying. I put him in bed and give him a kiss, and he says, "Ni ni!" and rolls over and goes to sleep! Awesome!

School is...going. It's harder than I anticipated staying on top of my school work now that I'm back to work. I didn't calculate the fact that I'd have to go to bed a lot earlier than I'm used to, which cuts into my homework time. So I'm trying to make the best of my half days and catch up. Although I think it'll be another week or two before I'm really back on top of my game. In the mean time, all I can do is try my best to accomplish a little every night. I keep reminding myself I only have one more class and then my comps (comprehensive exams) in June and I'll be done. Not much longer now.

So that's about it! Well, now it's time for me to brush my teeth and get on my way. Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Waking up late is definitely worse! Sets a bad tone for the whole day. Waking up too early, although you may lose out on sleep, gives you a begrudging sense of accomplishment.