Thursday, September 24, 2009

Caleb at 23 Months

I love going back to read old blogs because they remind of behaviors Caleb has grown out of that I might have otherwise forgotten. So in the spirit of remembering, here's a snap shot of Caleb at nearly 2 years old.
Caleb is currently going through a very possessive phase, as I'm sure most nearly-two-year-olds do. EVERYTHING is "Mine!" He wakes up crying and saying, "My Daddy! My Mommy!" Another child at the food court had a similar stuffed Mickey that Caleb has and he said, "My Mickey!" When Tommy is on the football field coaching the 5 and 6 year old flag football team, Caleb spends the whole time on the sidelines crying, "MY DADDY!" Very. Possesive.

He's also super sweet. He joined the kissing and hugging game late. Far after his peers, Caleb finally got into kissing and hugging, although he's still very particular about when he doles these treats out. In fact, (and I know this will knock me off the Mom of the Year list), I've taken to bribing him for kisses. When he asks for cheese (on a daily basis), I make him say please. Then I make him give me a kiss and a hug! Hey, I have to get it any way I can!

He's finally saying, "I love you" which comes out "Iyuhoo." Every now and again, without any prompting whatsoever, he'll just say "Iyuhoomommy." Freaking breaks my heart into a billion peices!

He's pretending now, which is super cool. He pretends to eat (usually a pretend apple) and pretends to drink (with a huge slurp) any time there's a table nearby. He will aslo pretend emotions, such as being sad. He'll put his little fists to his eyes and rub them and making a whimpering sound to imitate crying. Then I'll say, "Oh no, Caleb is sad! What makes Caleb happy?" And he'll yell, "BIG HUGS!" and run into my arms for a squeeze. He also loves to pretend to sneeze. He'll give a big "ah ahh AHH TOO!"

He's definatly learning the art of a toddler tantrum, which is less than fun. He can be a bit of a sensative soul, too. It'll take very little, sometimes, to set him off. Even a gentle reproof can unleash a torrent of tears.
Here are some pics of Caleb at school. They have Parent Involvement activities where we get to come in and hang out with the kiddos for a bit. This week there was a spaghetti lunch. Caleb was a bit cranky at first, but settled down once he had some food in his mouth. The little girl next to him is his best bud at school. He's going to miss her when he transistions into the 2-year-old room next month!

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