Sunday, October 04, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Caleb.

Happy birthday, sweet boy. Has it really been two years already?

Sometimes it's hard to believe you're the same helpless, scrawny baby that had so much trouble entering the world.
Having recently sorted your baby clothes, I was reminded of how sweet and tiny you once were. I was so proud and so excited to be your mom! Those early days were a bit rough, with Daddy in the desert and our troubles with nursing. Your poor little body got smaller before it got bigger. We were still trying to figure each other out and learn our way in this new world together, but we eventually found it!

And it wasn't long until you were smiling, cooing and eventually sitting up by yourself and rolling over. It all seemed to happen, one right after the other.

Zeus and Zoey have always been your best buds. You had a very early love of your pups that you still have today...even if they are a bit wary of you most of the time! You love to chase them and try to play with them. Unfortunately, they are mostly interested in you as the purveyor of dropped food.

Shortly after your first birthday, I went back to work. It was very hard to leave you in those early days. Even now, nine months after returning to work, there are times I want to call in sick and play hooky with you. It took a few weeks to settle in, but you've really grown and thrived in your classroom. I'm constantly amazed at the new things you are learning.

Your vocabulary has exploded this year. You went from just a few words to complete sentences. Of course, they are still baby sentences, such as "I go here!" but you are putting your own thoughts into words, which still amazes me. You love to narrate your surroundings, such as "Bird fly away!" or announcing to all, "Big truck!" and "Mommy's car!" Unfortunately, you're still at an age where I have to bring you with me in the stalls in public restrooms. And you like to narrate bathroom activities, too, complete with your own commentary, such as "Ew!"

You've got opinions now, too. You're quick to tell me "I like it" or "I yuck it," depending on what "it" is at the moment. Fortunately, the "I like list" is much longer than the "I yuck it" list. You're also rather bossy. You're quick to say, "Sit down, Zeus!" or "Come on, truck!" and of course, "Let's go, Mommy!"

You are full of energy and hard to keep up with, some days. You definitely have your toddler moments. But you are also sweet and loving, and have a tendency to know the perfect moment for a spontaneous, "I love you, Mommy."

I love you, too, baby boy. Always have. Always will. Happy birthday. Love, Mommy.