Thursday, October 08, 2009

Well, shucks.

The Handy Manny piñata I ordered from E-Bay for Caleb’s birthday party arrived today…just five days after the party itself. Nuts. I ordered it with plenty of time (about a month before the party.) It was shipped with plenty of time (more than three weeks.) But military post being what it is, it showed up too late. Ah well. I find something to do with it. Turned out good though, no?
I also received a Microplane zester I ordered off of Amazon about a month ago, as well. I’m pretty stoked about this one. I had never even heard of a Microplane zester before I became addicted to the Pioneer Woman. Thanks to Ree, I have an ever-growing list of kitchen gadgets and items that I would absolutely love to have in my perfect kitchen. Don’t even get me started on her kitchen itself! I get a total sense of kitchen envy every time she posts a recipe. Now I just need some lemons or cheese to zest!

What killed me about the zester was the packaging. What an unnecessarily huge box and ridiculous amount of packaging for a small tool. Couldn’t this have just been put in a padded envelope? The tool itself has sharp edges, but it came in a plastic protective sheath. Surely it would have survived a trip in a nicely padded envelope!

(I had a classmate in one of my graduate classes who went off on a mini-rant one night about unnecessary packaging in items like cereal and how un-environmentally conscious it is. For some reason, that rant got stuck in my head and I think of it often, especially when trying to remove innocuous children’s toys from impossibly difficult packaging or receiving silly items like this zester in the mail that have been packaged as if they were made of crystal.)

Anyway! I blogged about Caleb’s birthday, but not the party, so I just wanted to say how much fun we had! We did it big and pretty much ran the Handy Manny theme into the ground. Noone complained, though! :)

Caleb really had a lot of fun playing with his friends. He spent most of the night laughing and squealing while chasing and hugging his friends. He couldn't be bothered to eat dinner, but did manage to slow down long enough to eat some cake. Oh well, it was his birthday!

The Handy Manny Pin-the-Tool game turned out well. Most of the kids were too young to really be blindfolded, so they were allowed just to pin theirs on directly. The older kids did pretty well with the blindfold, though! I was worried the double-sided tape would tear Manny up, but he surived surprisingly in-tact!

He didn’t enjoy when we sang him Happy Birthday (he cried both this year and last during the singing.) He also kind of panicked about half-way through opening presents. Something about being surrounded by a ton of other kids who wanted to “help” him open presents made him withdraw a bit. Too be expected at kids parties, for sure! But Caleb got to a point where he’d rather play with the toys he’d already opened than worry about opening more.

Thanks again for everyone who came out! It was exhausting, but totally fun. Can’t wait to do it again next year! Of course, if this year’s guest list compared to last year’s is any indication, half our guests won’t be here by this time next year! Unfortunately, that's blessing and the curse of a military family. So many cool people come in and out of your life all the time. You can only hope to run into them down the road.

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