Sunday, January 02, 2011

The New Adventures of Old Kelly

We're here! We've made it to South Carolina in one Peirce and relatively unscathed.

Despite my anxiety for Caleb's behavior during the international leg of the flight, he was a complete rock star. About an hour into the flight, he settled in for a good two-hour long nap.


He watched Aladdin on the small screen in the back of seat. But since that was the only kids movie playing during the flight, we brought out my laptop and he watched The Goofy Movie for a bit. He also did a bit of coloring and reading, but mostly we played with the cars he brought along.


The worst part of the trip was the Washington Dulles Airport. That has to be one of the least efficient US airports I've visit, especially in regards to processing international flights. The baggage claim area before custom was ridiculous! There were not nearly enough baggage carousels, too many people in too small a room, and it just took way too long to get our luggage.


When we arrived in South Carolina, Tommy's mom and brother were waiting for us. Caleb had a shy moment, but quickly warmed up to telling his Nana about the cars he brought with him.


When we got to my in-laws house, we found out that Santa had made quite a substantial delivery for Caleb in South Carolina.


After he opened his spoils, Caleb took some time to acquaint his Papa with his new cars and trucks.


Today Caleb got to try out his new Mongoose four-wheeler. I'm telling you, the kid is in heaven!


He's having a blast getting to know his cousin Krista! She was born after our last trip to the States as a family, and he's thrilled to have someone smaller to boss around.


It's been a fun first twenty-four hours back in the States. The jet lag has been rearing its ugly head now and again, but we've managed to stay far!

Tomorrow we'll go out to see our house and begin the car and phone shopping. It's equal parts exciting and exhausting to be starting all over again. Having spent so much time thinking about it and preparing for it, though, it's nice to finally get this party started!

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  1. Yay! Welcome back. Can't wait to see you guys.