Saturday, February 17, 2007

moved in.

we moved into our house yesterday, and it's been just miserable. one of the shipping crates had a hole it in, and a lot of our dishes and one of our couch cushions are now moldy. yuck.

the house isn't small, really, but the stairway is SO narrow. naturally, our box spring won't fit up the stairs. our choices were: a.) sleep with the mattress on the floor, b.) buy a new box spring (the brits make box springs in two peices just for their narrow stairways), or c.) buy a new bed frame that does not require a box spring. after carefully reviewing our options, we bought a new bed frame. luckily they were able to deliver the next day (today). it's a very nice frame (real wood! not like that american pressed board stuff we're used to) and we got a great deal on it. also, it was easy to assemble. thank goodness.

no internet yet. we tried setting something up with BT (british telephone), but it was looking like it would take a month and a small fortune to get a technician out to the house. we're looking into other options. in the mean time, checking my email requires a drive to base. please be patient in waiting for responses! :)

the dogs are loving the new house. lots of stairs to run up and down, and lots of sunny spots (when the sun actually comes out!) there's still no grass in the backyard, so i'm still walking them like in the apartments. hopefully some grass will grow in soon. they've really returned to their normal selves in no time. you'd never guess they were gone.

well, there's a lot of unpacking left to do, so we better head back to the house. woo.

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