Thursday, February 01, 2007

To the Left, To the Left...

We have cars! Tom and I were both able to close on two cars (which from the outside are almost identical. A little matchy-matchy, I know, but it's kind of just how it worked out! We weren't trying, I promise!) Tom has 2000 BMW 323i, and I have a 99 BMW 318i. They are both blue. And they are both beautiful cars!

Two Beamers

Now whether or not they will fit in our tiny UK garage is another story! (We've been told that yes, many cars will fit into UK garages! But don't plan on being able to actually open the doors and get out of the car once you are in the garage!)

Of course owning cars means more driving! I passed the driving test this morning. (I got an 84% - just over the required 80%. A little low for my academic pleasing, but enough to get me on the road!) We've both successfully navigated our way through numerous round abouts today, and neither of us have tried to drive in the right lane...yet!

I'll say this...when there's traffic on the road, or if you're heading straight, staying on the left is not difficult. It's turning onto a new road with no traffic immediately visibile that makes me stop and think. (It's so super dorky, but I find myself singing Beyonce, "To the left, to the left" to remind myself where I'm going. Ha!)

And, yes. I have tried to get in the passenger's side door more than once today. And I reach for my seatbelt on the wrong side. And I reach to shift on the right before I realize it's on the left.

It will certainly take some getting used to! But hopefully if we are cautious and alert we'll be able to avoid any craziness!

On the house front, it looks like we'll be moving into the house on or around February 9th. Our household goods have arrived, so we're just waiting on a housing inspection and for the landlord to finalize some details on the house itself. Very exciting!

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