Sunday, March 25, 2007

I see London...

We spent the day in London yesterday. It was a fun trip, but a cold day. The temperatures were in the low forties, and there was a wind whipping through the city that made things much colder. Other that dreary weather, though, it was a good day. We saw Big Ben, Parliament, the London Eye (that huge ferris wheel), Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. We were going to try and make to the London Bridge, but we were exhausted and the weather didn't look promising. (Sure enough, it began to rain as we left the city.)

Our future home!

Westminster Abbey was my favorite stop. It's so huge and sprawling, and the architecture is amazing! I've seen European cathedrals before, but this one just kept going and going and going! There were chapels and chapels full of tombs of deceased kings, queens and other British notables (including Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens!) It's just amazing to walk through a building so steeped in history. It is the site of the coronations of all British royals since King Edward I (I think.) He commissioned a coronation throne in 1297 that is still used to this day in coronation ceremonies. 1297!

Westminster Abbey

We drove into the outskirts of London and then took the underground into London proper. Since the Victoria line was closed from Blackhorse station to Kings Cross station, we had to take a bus to get to the train. And the other lines were pretty packed. We did a lot of standing. Despite the face that it's winter and their is less BO in the air, I'm pretty sure someone farted on every train and bus we took. Seriously! Who thinks it's okay to do that in such cramped quarters?!

Anyway, it was a good trip. Hopefully we can go again soon when it's a bit warmer. There's still so much I want to see! We'd like to see a play at some point. (Currently Ashlee Simpson is starring in "Chicago." Huh. And Daniel Radcliff of Harry Potter fame is in some play where he's nude! Aaiiee!!) And we're hoping to take a weekend trip to Bath and Stonehenge soon. Can't wait!!

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