Saturday, March 31, 2007

mangoes in the market

It's a beautiful day in Thetford. Tommy and I went downtown and visited the market for the first time. I bought mangoes and raspberries. We then strolled around downtown Thetford, stopping in shops and looking in windows.

It's really one of the first nice days we've had on a weekend since we've been here. In fact, it's so nice, I decided to finally venture outside of our little neighborhood and go exploring down the main road by our house while I walked the dogs. It was a nice, long walk.

It felt great just to be out of the house and moving. I haven't gotten much exercise since I got here, so it was nice. The dogs LOVED it. They wanted to stop and sniff every little thing. I even found a nice pub up the road that serves food and has a nice patio with outdoor seating. Maybe we'll grab a bite soon.

Anyway, I just love days like today where you are genuinely able to enjoy the weekend. Sure, I have things to do, but nothing pressing, nowhere to be. And I love the first few days in spring that really feel like spring. We've had a few, but I've only been able to see them outside the window from work. But these early spring days always make me feel like a part of me that has been slumbering all winter is waking up again.

I'm excited to spend my first spring and summer in the UK, even without air conditioning. We're really settled into our house now, our internet and phone are finally working, I found a decent job. It's starting to feel like we're really living our lives again.

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