Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poor Pup

The good news is, I found a vet I like and it's really close to home. After a couple of less-than-impressive trips to a vet in Mildenhall, I found Eastgate Vet here in Thetford. It's a very nice facility, and the vet I met with today was very friendly and knowledgable. It's only about five minutes from home, too, which is very convenient.

The bad news is, it looks like Zeus has epilepsy. Prior to last month, he had never had a seizure in his life (that I'm aware of.) In the last seven weeks, he's had four. They are so scary, and I feel so helpless when it happens. The worst of it is how long they are. They last around ten minutes, and that's usually followed by about five minutes where he's somewhat more of himself, but still too wobbly to really stand up.

So I took him to the new vet today, and we've put him on Phenobarbital twice a day. We'll be going back to the vet in two weeks to see how he's doing, and then a few weeks later to check his blood levels. Hopefully the Phenobarbital will reduce the frequency and intensity of the seizures. I just feel so terrible for my poor pup. I want to reach inside his poor little body and just fix whatever is off. But since I can't do that, I'll just hope the medication with help with whatever is causing this.

Other than the seizures, he's just fine. Loves to get into trouble, loves to get into trash. He and Zoey have taken really well to Caleb. I have to discourage them from trying to kiss him, but other than that, they are really gentle with him. I'm so glad that they aren't acting out because of his arrival. I hate that we don't go on as many walks now, but maybe when the weather warms up in the spring we can all go out again.

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