Thursday, December 20, 2007

our family

It's so wonderful having my husband back! Today is one week that he's been home. It's great to have the cleaner half of our partnership back so he can get me back on track! Also, I rarely have a chance to do the dishes (no complaints here!) because half the time he's grabbing my plate to wash it before I'm even done eating! (Seriously! Ask me first! ;)

But even more fun is seeing Tommy with Caleb. It was so cute the first few days when he was still a little scared to hold him. The first time he carried Caleb in his car seat, I couldn't help but laugh at the awkward way he was carrying it. It's been fun teaching him how to make a bottle, how to take the car seat out of the car, and how to sleep through Caleb's non-stop nocturnal grunting and squeaking.

I just love seeing them together! I love how silly Tommy is with him, and how much Caleb enjoys it. It's so wonderful to finally get to experience our family as a complete unit. I'm looking forward to our first Christmas with Caleb.

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