Sunday, June 22, 2008

Boots Ads and Boot Sales

Wow. I am SO tired.

Today I went to my first ever car boot sale. (Your car's "boot" is the trunk. A car boot sale is, essentially a huge collective garage sale. Bring your crap to sell in your car, set it up in front of your car and hope to make a few pounds!) It was pretty cool. We solicited donated items from my husband's squadron to raise money for the squadron booster club, and managed to make a couple hundred pounds. Sweet! (Given the current exchange rate of almost exactly double, two hundred pounds is about four hundred dollars.)

Caleb was SO good, considering the fact that we were up at 4 in the morning to get ready for this thing and he was out with us in a strange environment till almost noon. His Pack 'n' Play (or "travel cot") was a hot item. Everyone wanted to buy it, but I had only brough it to put him down occasionally. Next time I'll bring a sign, "Travel cot not for sale...Nor is the baby!" That was the next most popular question. "How much for the baby?" Ha. Ahahaha. Ha. After the fiftieth time, I got tired of telling people to come back and negotiate when he got crabbier at the end of the day.

Tommy and I managed to leave the sale having only spent 5 pounds, which is miraculous. We bought a new dog bed for the Z's crate. Their current bed are becoming a bit too stinky for our liking, despite a recent wash. There were lots of baby toys for sale, but nothing I was willing to part with 10-15 pounds over.

We learned a lot in this first experience that I think will make us better boot sellers next time -- such as presorting the clothes and bringing more tables. My favorite experience, though, was when Tommy's coworker was attempting to sell jeans to a lady and kept asking what kind of pants she wears and telling her we had all kinds of pants. I don't think he realized that "pants" are underwear here. She abruptly change directions and left in a hurry!

In other news, I LOVE that song they play on the Boots commercial. (Boots is a British pharmacy that I really like.) Anyway, since at least Christmas they've had these ad campaigns with this great song, Ernie K. Doe's "Here Come The Girls." Their latest ad campaign has mom chasing their kids to slather them up in SPF, with that song behind it. It's just a great song, and really effective! It makes me want to shop at Boots. I can't remember looking forward to a commercial before!

(I'm also loving the new Weezer single, "Pork and Beans," but that's really no suprise, is it?)

And finally, if Caleb was a super hero, I think his name would be Nearly Naked Baby. And his superpower could be looking fantastic in a diaper, 'cause he does.

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