Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's a bit like having a newborn again.

Caleb is sick. He came down with a fever Sunday afternoon after the boot sale and has been battling the fever and vomiting since then. It's Caleb's first real sickness, if you don't count the off-and-on colds of winter. We saw a pediatrician yesterday who said it is either a stomach virus (yes) or Fifth Disease (no.) Caleb's cheeks were really red yesterday, which is why she wanted to make me aware of Fifth Disease (a viral rash that starts with redness of cheeks, also called "Slap Cheek" and then spreads to the arms and torso.) The good news is that as Caleb's temperature has come down, his cheeks are far less red, so I'm convinced it's just a stomach bug.

But trying to figure out how to deal with a sick baby feels a lot like having a newborn again. Caleb and I are normally on a pretty good schedule. He eats five times a day -- two bottles and three "meals" of baby food. He naps about three times if we stay home. If we're out, he just naps when he can (in the car or stroller.) Since his stomach is upset, the Dr. didn't want me to give him diary products, which means no bottles of formula until his stomach settles down. So he's getting lots of diluted pedialyte, at her instruction. He's pretty much eating tiny meals all day long and napping off and on for short periods. Very newborn-like.

Today for the first time in ages we took a nap together. He's much more snuggly while he's ill than he normally is. On a regular day, he wants to be down on the floor playing or in his jumperoo. And he likes to nap in his own crib -- he never falls asleep in my arms anymore. Today, though, he snuggled up with me in the couch and we slept together for about an hour. It was a sweet silver lining.

It's frustrating to not know what's wrong or what he wants. I really hope he catches on to the sign language soon, because I would love to know how I could help him, or at least know what's bothering him.

On top of that, he's finally cutting his first tooth.

Boy, this is fun.

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  1. Poor Caleb. I think rubbing his cute chubby little belly would help.

    PS, you said diary when you meant dairy.