Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Caleb Goes Swimming

Today I took Caleb to the Leisure Centre for his first attempt at "swimming." I was convinced he would like it, since he loves bath time and has no real aversion to water. Clearly, I was wrong.

Before we went out to the pool, there was a line of shower heads with a sign informing you to shower before you enter the pool. This is not a foreign concept, since all American pools have these signs, too. But in America, I generally disregard the instruction unless I'm super hot and sweaty. I didn't want to give Americans a bad rep this morning, and in the name of being a good ambassador for our team, I turned on the shower head and quickly jumped in with Caleb resting on my hip.

Bad idea.

The shower freaked him out. He began screaming, and I walked out of the spray and did my best to calm him down. He was just about back to normal, so I decided to take him to the kiddie pool. Apparently he wasn't ready for the pool. He cried and fussed and just generally made it known that he was not at all happy about this. I spent the next 20 minutes taking him in and out of the pool and trying everything in my repertoire to distract him from the scariness of the two-foot deep pool. Nothing worked. So I gave in and we went home.

I'm not giving up! I figure he didn't like peaches at first, either, but I've managed to convince him of their merit. Surely I can do the same with swimming, right? I'm very persuasive!

Anyway, at least he looked good!

(Trunks from Tesco)

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