Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bad Dog, Part II

My friend Jenni is a vegetarian. As such, she does not eat any foods that contain gelatin, because gelatin is made from horse hooves. (Did you know that? I'm not sure I knew that pre-Jenni.) Ruling out gelatin actually eliminates a lot more food than I would guess. For instance, Jenni doesn't eat Skittles or Starburts, both of which contain gelatin.

However, British Skittles and Starbursts do NOT contain gelatin! (Another fact that I would still be ignorant of, were it not for Jenni.) So when I walked to Tesco last week, I picked up a few packs of both kinds of candy to send to Jenni. I didn't have a good box to send them in, so they just hung out in my reusable shopping bag in the dining room for a few days.

Well, Zeus broke into the bag yesterday and went to town. I didn't realize this until I found the following empty bag of Starburts and numerous piles of doggie puke around the house today. Needless to say, Zeus is not his usually obnoxiously affectionate self today. He's a lump of lethargy today. And I'm carrying around a bottle of Resolve For Pet Stains all day. Fun.

Here's the evidence of wrong-doing.

And here's a picture of Caleb snuggled up with a lethargic Zeus on the futon (pre-doggy puke.)

P.S. Jenni, the candy (minus one bag of Starburts) will be going in the mail tomorrow. :)


  1. Bummer! After you spent all day yesterday cleaning, too. That Zeus! He's always getting into something.

  2. I just found that out the other day too! Except somebody told me that it's made up of horse hooves AND pig fat...ew!
    Awww, poor Zeus...but more importantly poor you! I hate cleaning up after our doggies, I feel like they should be the ones cleaning up their messes after they've been eating human food...