Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stinkin' England!

Ah, England, you sneaky country, you! More than a week of sunshine and beautiful weather had convinced me to buy shorts and look forward to picnics and long walks with my little man. Of course, buying shorts was the kiss of death. The next day, the weather had cooled off, although it was still pretty outside. And two days later, the British spring returned, in her wet and cold fury.

Oh, well. I'm not giving up hope yet!

We stopped by the base Bazaar today, which (fortunately) is held inside three giant hangars. Picked up some cheese, chocolates and olives. Didn't buy anything un-edible, though. Here's a picture of Caleb in a baloon hat we bought for him at the bazaar. He couldn't wear it in his stroller, so we had to wait till we got home.

Today is my husband's 30th birthday! Happy Birthday, Mr. K! I made him buscuits and gravy with a side of bacon for breakfast. We also enjoyed mimosas, which may be a very girly drink, but is just so yummy with breakfast. I made it with a Peach Bellini I picked up at Marks & Spencer earlier this week.

Today we ran to Tesco to pick up Marsala wine (which is surprisingly hard to find! Neither base had any, and none of the wine vendors at the Bazaar did, either. As it was, Tesco only had one type!) So tonight I'll attempt to make Penne Rustica, Macaroni-Grill style. Wish me luck, 'cause this recipe looks hard! And we'll finish that off with a butter pecan cake. Yum! I feel like it's my birthday! Except I have to all the work. Haha. :)

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