Friday, May 16, 2008

Hangin' Tough

So, it's true. I attended a New Kids on the Block party today at Theresa's house. Six of us mid-twenties and early-thirties women sat around her living room in eager anticipation of hearing "Hanging Tough." Of course, true to the Today Show's style, it was left for the very end. But it was worth the wait!

My favorite part was Theresa's AWESOME NKOTB cake. Seriously! We ate cake with the faces of Jon, Joey, Jordan, Danny and Donnie on it. Theresa's daughter though we were nuts.

Okay, so she's right. But it was so much fun!!

On a different subject, we just finished watching the American Idol perfomances from this week, and darnit, I love that David Cook! I just want to bottle him up and put him on my shelf! I hope he sticks around another week.

(I realize some of you Americans already know the results. We don't get them till tonight, and may not actually watch it till tomorrow. Leave me in suspense!)

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