Friday, May 09, 2008

Oh, those summer nights!

Summer days like today make me glad for my chance to exprience another country. But summer evenings make me miss the states.

It's nights like tonight I can almost smell the barbeque chicken on my father-in-law's grill. I can just about feel the sticky summer heat sitting heavy on my skin as I sit on the edge of the deck, waiting patiently for the chicken to get done. Tonight's the kind of night my in-laws would be playing horseshoes, playing cards, having a few drinks and just enjoying each others company. It's the kind of night they'd be up till about 4 in the morning having a good time. (Being the party-pooper I am, I would have gone to bed about 1.)

I miss my own family just about every day. I miss sitting on my parents bed and chatting about our days. I miss shopping with my mom and telling dad about what books I'm reading or something cool we dicussed in class. I miss laughing with my brother about anything and nothing.

But there are certain days when I really miss my in-laws! When the weather is nice, and I can hear my neighbor kids here jumping on their trampoline, I wish I could teleport to a backyard in Sumter, SC and spend the night in a state of total relaxation.

It's nights like tonight that having a gravel back yard and no front yard are truly disappointing. I'd love to just hang out in the back yard with my margarita and a book. Maybe in our next house!

It's been a beautiful week. The weather is really starting to warm up. I'm going to have to bring out the fans from our garage. Last night Caleb slept in just his onesie. (Here's another inconvenient fact of UK living: no air conditioning! To which Jenni's response last year was, "Do you live in a third world country?!) I'm exciting to spend another summer in the UK, and the good weather certainly does a number for my mood. But boy does it make me miss my family and friends back home.

All this is a long way of saying: COME VISIT ME!!! :)

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