Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tassies and Push Ups

I guess everyone has their own spending obsession. Within the military wives community, some of the more common spending obsessions are Coach purses, Longaberger baskets, and Pampered Chef kitchen tools. I fall into the last catergory, probably because it's the most affordable. This year I've purchased a junk load of Pampred Chef stuff and have really enjoyed trying them all out. My husband gripes at my spending habits with Pampered Chef, but I think he can't complain too much if it encourages me to cook more and to try new recipes.

Today I used my mini-muffin pan, my mini-tart shaper and my flour/sugar shaker to make Mini Pecan Tassies. I combined 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour with a 1/2 cup of all purpose flour in place of one full cup of all purpose flour. I also used the Splenda brown sugar mix instead of regular brown sugar. Next time I may use reduced fat cream cheese, too. I know I can't make mini tarts healthy, but at least I can try to make them healthier.

Here's a picture of the tarts (minus the two I ate! Haha!) They are really yummy. The filling reminds me of those sugar roasted pecans you can buy in the mall. Mmm!

Okay, now that I've shared my bad sugary habits with you, I'm going to share my attempts at becoming stronger! Someone recently posted that he was going to do the 100 push-ups challenge, and I was intrigued. I have NO upper arm strength. (Shoot, let's be honest. I have very little strenght at all!) But what really interests me is bragging rights. Can you imagine ME being able to honestly say, "I can do a hundred push ups!" Yeah, me either.

Anyway, the program promises that you'll be able to do a hundred push ups in six weeks. We'll see! I did the initial test today and only did 15. Sad, I know. So check in with me in six weeks and see if I stuck with it! Haha. :) I'll try and update here with how I'm doing. Check out the website. If you decide to do it, let me know!

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  1. What's a Longaberger? Also, you changed your background. Also, your kid is cute. Also, why don't you link to my other blog?