Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Don't Bother Me, I'm Teething.

Man, people are not kidding when they say teething sucks! Caleb has been a bear this week--waking up randomly at night to cry, bursting into tears when nothing appears to be wrong, and constantly trying to eat his crib. I can see that another one of his top teeth is trying to cut the gums, but it's taking its precious time making an appearance! In the mean time, poor bubs is just miserable. Here's a picture of Caleb sucking on his fingers while he naps. He's not a thumb sucker, he needs more than one finger! (His shirt, by the way, says "Super Cool Dude" and was only one pound at Tesco!)

Caleb and I attended Azariah's birthday party last night. It was a gorgeous night for an outdoor party. I made the mistake of giving Caleb a bit of frosting from my cake. I do mean a bit. If he got a half a teaspoon total, I'd be surprised. He's had frosting before, but never that late (it was about 6:30 or later when we had cake.) Well, that monkey buns would not sleep last night! He's normally down by 9, but he was up and ready to party until 11:30. I was so tired. To top off his wakefulness, he was so crabby about his teeth! I was exhausted when I finally hit the sheets.

Other than the teething, though, he's doing really well! I'm trying to make him hang around Maddux more often because Maddux can feed himself. Caleb is so uninterested in feeding himself! He's almost 10 months old and refuses to hold his bottle or feed himself even small foods like crackers and Gerber Puffs. He loves to eat, but has no interest in working for his food.

Hmm, why does that sound so famliar? Oh, right! Failed attempts at nursing!

Eh, he'll catch on some day...right?!

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