Thursday, October 23, 2008

And In Unrelated News...

Here's a collection of random things I need to get off my chest.

1.) I hate the Sugarbabe's new song "Girls." In case you don't listen to BBC Radio 1 all day, the Sugarbabes are a British girl band that churn out mediocre pop and dance songs from time to time. Nothing terribly repulsive, but nothing really great either (except for that one song, "About You Now ". THAT is a great pop song!)

Their latest single is a cover/rip off of Ernie K Doe's "Here Come the Girls," which I have referenced before in my blog as a fantastic song used in Boots ads. I love the original. And by "love it," I mean that I love the little snippet of it I hear on various Boots ads. However, this version of the song is complete crap! The idea to cover a very popular song used in an English ad is clever, how it was done is not. It's just bad pop music. It had the potential to be a really fun, pseudo-empowering female anthem, and it ended up just being a bad dance song that doesn't even emphasize the horns that really make the original a great song. On top of that, the video is so freaking boring! Girls dancing in a club. That's it. Please! I'll go out if I want to see that. The fact that I'm blogging about this is both sad and lame, I know.

2. In that same vein of thinking, I find it amazing how popular girl and boy bands still are in the UK! From Girls Aloud to Sugarbabes to Take That to Boyzone, single-gendered pop groups are still pretty big here! And did you hear that Boyzone is back?! Yeah! Of course, I never knew they existed, let alone had left the scene. But still, exciting, right? I guess. :) I have to admit, their new single "Love You Anyway" is really stinking catchy. Although I wish I could figure out of McFly counts as a boy band or just a regular pop rock band. I think they play their own instruments, which might qualify them as something slightly more substantial than a boy band. Man, I think about this too much.

3.) One of the only kids shows on TV I can actually stand to sit and watch with Caleb is My Friends Tigger and Pooh, a new version of Whinnie the Pooh with all the same characters, with one notable exception. There's no Christoper Robin! In Christopher Robin's place is a little girl named Darby. Now I don't have a problem with this Darby character at all. She's a cute enough cartoon kid - not too precocious or too syrupy sweet. But why the heck replace Christopher Robin at all?! He is one of my favorite characters from childhood. He embodies childhood innocence and creativity and belief. I don't get that they kept everyone from Rabbit to Eyore to Piglet, but 86'd Christopher Robin! It's just odd.

4.) I'm so totally stoked to have found the Colbert Report and Conan O'Brien on my English satellite TV! And I'm really glad we have a DVR so I don't have to stay up late to watch either. Now I can enjoy them with my Golden Grahams in the morning! Hooray!

5.) So the other day, I was searching for something mindless to watch while enjoying a mid-afternoon snack, and I came across an episode of Blossom. Seriously. BLOSSOM. It was huh-freakin-larious. What made it ten times more pricelss was the guest appearance of David Schwimmer as Six's boyfriend. Oh, man. I wish I could share it with you right now. You'd squeal with laughter.

6.) And just for fun, here's a pic of Caleb shakin' what his mama gave him!


  1. Yay for some pop culture commentary from across the pond!

  2. OMG I saw that episode of Blossom too. Good to know I'm not the only one who caught that show back on! I did see at the end of one episode where Joey was promoting his real-life music career with his first video. Oh man... groan.