Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clever Climber

Nothing is safe in this house.

Caleb has begun climbing on anything and everything. He climbs up on the couch using the Little Tikes bulldozer his Uncle Steve and Aunt Kim gave him for his birthday. He tries to climb up on my desk by opening the drawers to the small filing cabinet next to it and climbing up on that. And as you can see here, he likes to use the V Tech Alphabet Train my mom and dad gave him to access the Sky box. This morning I had actually gone to the kitchen for a moment and purposely moved all large toys to the middle of the living room so he couldn't climb on anything. But as you can see I came back to this. He's far too clever.

Here's a shot from the other day when Caleb took a nap with his daddy and the doggies on the futon in my office. I'm telling you, there's no greater nap than a futon nap.
And finally, here's some little piggies on their way to the market. I can't seem to keep socks or shoes on him, as you'll remember from our little Harrod's adventure.

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