Friday, November 07, 2008

The Third Dog

For a while now I've been worried that the majority of Caleb's socialization is coming from the dogs. Caleb loves Zeus and Zoey and tries to keep up with them like a younger sibling might with an older brother and sister. He thinks they are the funniest creatures and loves looking around for them if he hears them walking by.

When Caleb started digging in the trash, I asked him, "Who do you think you are? Zeus?"

Even if Caleb has a full belly and has turned down his own meal, he'll come crawling up with eager eyes for a bite of your own meal. Also very Zeus-like. I could feed Zeus a small truck's worth of dog food, and he'll always have room for what's on my plate.

Caleb recently leraned to say Zoey. He gets better and better at saying it. He announces Zoey's presence even if he's only heard her shake her collar on another floor in the house. For a few days he called me and Tommy "Zoey."

Perhaps that's why Caleb isn't interested in walking. He'd rather be on all fours with his best friends.

But when I turned around from my desk tonight to find this, I realized Caleb is truly becoming the third dog in this house.

Oh well. At least this one wears a diaper.

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