Thursday, February 02, 2012

February Photo A Day - Bird's Nest Breakfast Cup

Since my committment to blog more in 2012 has not generated as many blog entries as I had hoped, I'm reaching for another photo challenge in the hopes that this will bring back my blogging mojo.

So as stolen from a friend of an internet friend, I'm jumping on to Fat Mum Slim's February Photo a Day challenge. I like that this one has some guidelines/suggestions for shots, so hopefully I can make it 29 days!


Today's guideline was "Your view today." I thought about taking a shot at work, but the dry, dead field outside my window is less than picturesque right now. And I'm a bit weirded out about sharing a photo of my desk on my blog. (Private Facebook picture while desk is decorated for Christmas? Yes. Public blog?  Not so much.) Tonight flew by and I realized, "Nuggets! I need a pic for today!"

Fortunately, my Pinterest obsession is saving me today. This morning, I snapped this shot of a Bird's Nest Breakfast Cup  I made. Pinterest has really be spurring the kitchen creativity again and making me enjoy cooking. It comes and goes in waves for me, and having a new, interesting recipe always inspires me to throw on my apron!

Breakfast Nest

This one was pretty good. I think next time I'll use my hand seasoning standby, Tony Chacere's creole seasoning (family favorite) instead of standard salt and pepper. And I heartily beleive that each cup could use a splash of hot sauce, but this is easy to remedy at the end of preparation. Also, I'll probably make these ahead if I do them again. Too time consuming for a weekday morning, that's for sure.

Having said that, I liked them enough to eat them for breakfast and dinner today! Hey, anytime a recipe calls for bacon and cheese, I know I'm heading to a happy place!

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