Wednesday, February 08, 2012

February Photo A Day - Button

Today I'm going to use the February Photo a Day theme as a verb instead of a noun. Hope you don't mind!

Caleb recently learned to button and unbutton his own clothes, which is a pretty big deal. He tends to get very frustrated with tasks that require fine motor skills, and dressing himself has been a sore spot in our mornings for months. The only reason I've still encouraged it is primarily because I know he needs that skill. Trust me, I'd rather avoid the tantrum and save myself five to ten minutes of my morning by just dressing him myself.

Fortunately, his preschool teacher has more patience in this area than I do. Between our work at home and his work with his teacher, Caleb has come a loooooong way in the last six months. Not only is he buttoning and unbuttoning shirts and pants now...


He's also putting on his own shoes! (Shoes have been a nightmare in the mornings!)


No, I do not know what that is on the bottom of his shoe. Yes, it does look like gum.

Putting on Shoes

But notice that intense look of concentration! The firm set of the jaw, the dark gaze, the smoke rising! ;)

Did it!

Yeah, buddy! You did it! What a good start to the day!

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