Friday, May 04, 2007

good news

good news, friends. baby Kaz was particularly active (the first time i've felt him/her since the other day) while i was listening to Beyonce and Jay-Z singing crazy in love.

there i was, driving home from work in miserable friday traffic, and i finally found a good song the radio. (seriously, fridays are the worst days for radio here. i hate driving home, and it always takes a good ten minutes longer than the other days! not to mention monday is a british bank holiday, so everyone is out on the roads, trying to get somewhere cool.)

so i started bopping around to Crazy in Love, wondering what our baby will be like and hoping i'll be a good mom. then baby just started moving around and rockin' along! i know it's super dorky, but i was so thrilled. i can't wait to meet this little booger and dance around with him/her!

should find out the sex of the baby at the end of this month. ee!!

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