Wednesday, May 09, 2007

my baby's daddy

the real title of this blog is Why My Husband Is Going to Make a Great Dad.

my baby is most active on the drive home from work. i rarely feel him/her move on the drive to work or even at work. but the half hour drive home affords lots of time to think and to enjoy these funny little twitches in my belly. the more the baby moves, the more i can't wait to hold it and see what he or she will look like.

on the drive home tonight, i was missing my husband but thinking about what an awesome dad he'll be. so i got to thinking about all the reasons i know he'll be a fantastic father. i have a sneaking suspicion he'll be more of a natural at parenting than i will, much like he is with cooking. and i know it's totally self-indulgent to brag on my husband, but if self-indulgent isn't the primary ingredient for a blog, then i don't know what is.

so here it is. the reasons tommy is going to make a fantastic father. he'll probably kill me for this.

1.) he's so affectionate with our dogs. if he's this affectionate with a dog, i can't imagine how much more so he will be with his own child.

2.) he's got a secret silly side. it's my favorite, favorite thing about him because it's so rare and so few people get to truly experience the depths of his goofiness. but i know that a baby will bring it out to its fullest. and what kid doesn't want a dad that can truly get down and get goofy?

3.) he's very generous. i'm constantly in awe at how much he truly enjoys giving to people. don't get me wrong, he loves to have things, but he loves to share them just as much. i know he'll do more than just provide for his family, he'll go out of his way to try and give us what we need and more. he's the best gift giver i've met.

4.) he so good at bringing out the best in people. i can't wait until he's an NCO because i truly beleive he'll be great at leading people. he recognizes potential in people and really tries to make a way for them to succeed. he'll be that kind of dad that believes his kids could hang the moon if they wanted to.

5.) he's always wanted to be a father. in fact, it quite frightened me when we weren't really even dating and he was talking about his family plans! but he's got such a desire to be a great father and provide a great childhood for his kids. i've said it before, but if it were up to him, we would have had two kids by now! i can't wait to see him live this dream.

there are plenty more reasons why i think Tommy is born to be a great dad, but these are the first that come to mind. i can't wait till he comes home to me and the baby and we can enjoy our life as a family together!

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  1. Kelly,

    As I read what you wrote about Tom, I was almost in tears. You have most definitely chosen well. But you my dear are also a gem. I know you two will be a terrific team and I am looking forward to watching your little "ones" grow in your loving care. We are so proud of you both. We pray every night for all 3 of you. Your health and safety and also that you & Tom will be reunited SOON!