Friday, September 21, 2007

don't call it nesting!

mom and i have spent the morning cleaning the house. and i don't mean straightening up, i mean cleaning. it's the kind of clean i'd be proud to have my husband come home to, and that, my friends, is a high standard of cleanliness! the floors are swept, mopped and vacummed. the bathrooms are scrubbed down and sanitary. everything has been dusted, and i even cleaned the windows! in the words of radiohead, "everything is in it's right place." (that song inevitably gets stuck in my head every time i clean the house.)

i even took to the backyard and did poop patrol! talk about clean. (for the record, i'm really proud of myself that in my last month of pregnancy i am still able to do about 90% of what i would be doing normally. i'm also really proud of the fact that i did four hours of walking around cambridge earlier in the week without passing out!)

i've finally packed my labor bag and have started making the list of numbers to call when caleb arrives. i've picked out a "going home" outfit for caleb. i need to buy a BT phone card, but i'll probably do that on one of our walks downtown. we've been taking the dogs for extensive walks almost every day, which is good for all of us.

i had the battery replaced in tommy's car on wednesday, and my coolant leak was taken care of today by the same garage that replaced the radiator. THey fixed the coolant leak for free! jackpot! tommy's car has been gassed up as of yesterday, and i'll gas mine up today so that while i'm in the hospital, mom can drive either car without any worries. (she's legally allowed to drive, but she's not allowed to gas up on base, because gas is rationed. and there's no way we're gassing up off base! WAY too expensive!)

we did the laundry last night, and i even washed my bedding. the dogs got a bath last week, so they'll be good to go for another month or so, especially given that the weather is starting to cool off and they are spending less time outside. i've reread the labor chapters in my books, practiced my breathing, and blown up my stability ball (which is supposed to help ease discomfort during labor when used in various positions.)

my check list is just about done. the only thing left to do is wait for caleb to feel ready to evacuate.

i swing between sheer impatience and wanting him to wait until he's ready. i figure he'll know when it's time and my body will know. no hurry. we haven't even hit 40 weeks yet. but the waiting gets to me sometimes. i'm so ready to meet this little guy!

in the mean time, i guess i should go ahead and have some lunch!

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