Wednesday, September 19, 2007


fifteen days left till my due date. i feel like caleb is entirely too comfortable where he's at to make an early escape and suspect he'll stay there as long as possible.

i had my 38 week appointment today. my blood pressure was a little higher than my average, but still within a healthy range. caleb's heart rate is still strong, and he's still head-down and ready for birth, should he ever choose to leave his current home. no dilation yet, which doesn't surprise me. my contractions have been very irregular and not very intense yet, so i didn't think it was going down this soon.

in some ways, i just want to meet him already. in other ways, i'm glad i have a little more time to prepare and to enjoy my mom's company before the real work begins! i guess one of these days i should actually get around to packing a bag for the hospital! i've brought the bag out and put a few things in it, but i guess if ever there was a time to get serious, this is it!

spent the afternoon in cambridge with mom yesterday, which was great! we did about four hours of walking, which really took it out of me! we visted two church and King's college. cambridge is such an awesome town to visit in the fall! there are so many more colleges and churches to see. i'd love to bring the dogs out there one day. there are SO many parks to explore!

today we went back to the mid-week market in bury st edmunds, and also wandered around the abbey gardens. took a few pictures, so hopefully we'll get those up soon. i'm introducing mom to the world of flickr so she can share her pics. :) by the time she leaves here, she'll be a technological genius! haha!

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