Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today was such a fantastic day! My mom and I were going over to my friend and former coworker's house to hang out this afternoon, and instead I was surpised to arrive at baby shower for me and Caleb! I was absolutely floored and humbled and amazed at the sheer amount of planning and plain covert sneakiness of Meagan and Kristy! It was, quite honestly, one of the nicest days of my life.

They did the whole shower in Caleb's nursery color scheme (blues and browns.) And my former assistant branch manager, Kim, made her fan-freakin'-tastic homemade cake! (Forget stinkin' Betty Crocker, Kim should have her own line of divine cakes. I would certainly pay for them!) Even the games and favors were so creative and well-thought out. If I could have designed a baby shower in my head, this would have been it. It was perfect! The only thing missing were friends and family from the states, but that's inevitable!

I was so blown away by the generousity of my friends. Not only that, but there were a handful of stay-at-home moms I just met last week who came and brough wonderful gifts, as well! I feel so humbled and blessed and grateful. It's hard to put into words!

I received so many adorable outfits, packages of diapers, numerous health and hygeine care items, a Bumbo chair, a high chair, a Boppy nursing pillow, many rattles and toys to help stimulate learning and development, bottles and liners, pacifiers, and more. But more than that, it was so wonderful just to feel the love and support of friends, and to be able to have my mom there to share the day. It's such an exciting and intimidating time, but to know there are so many people around me to support and encourage me as I flail my way through this just makes my heart give a little sigh of releif.

I've been so blessed with a wondeful pregnancy. My only real complaint has been my husband's absence, and when you think about it, even that isn't so bad. There are so many women who do not just pregnancy alone, but also have to raise the baby alone. Even some married women really don't have a loving support system at home. My husband may not be here now, and he may leave again. But I know in my very soul, in my bones, that he loves me and our soon-to-be-born child more than words can express. I know that he supports my decision to stay home and care for Caleb and that he'll be the dad that's worth writing a thousand essays about.

When I look back at the last nine months or so, I feel such a sense of gratefulness and appreciation. And when I look forward to Caleb's birth and the many years to follow, I feel such excitement and humility that I have the amazing opportunity to live this life. Wow.

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