Tuesday, September 25, 2007

word to your mother.

here's a list of why having my mom here is GREAT:

  • she made me cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast yesterday.
  • she made yummy italian chicken and pasta for lunch today.
    she encourages me to take naps when i start fading.
  • she entertains herself and figured out how to find and watch Law and Order on our Sky box.
  • she mixes well with people. whether we're at church or a deployed spoused event, i can leave her alone and come back five minutes later to find she's made a friend.
  • she helps me with the laundry.
  • she makes coffee every morning! i try not to drink it every day. you know, supposed to limit my caffeine intake and all. but even just the smell of it when i wake up is so nice!
  • she reminds me of all the stuff i forget. and i forget a lot! i'd like to chalk it up to pregnancy brain mush, but really, i was just as forgetful pre-pregnancy.
  • she lets me sleep in and doesn't make me fell bad when i wake up late!
  • she puts up with my crazy dogs. it's so funny to see them worming their way into a snuggle spot with her on the couch. haha. :)
  • she's a great walking partner. weather and schedule permitting, we've walked the dogs almost every day she's been here. it's nice to have someone to chat with on the walks.

anyway, it's just been great having her here, and i know i'll appreciate her even more during and after labor. i'm so glad to have her here! :)

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