Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chili Chump

So the chili cook-off went really well! We had a pretty good turnout, lots of yummy chili, and just a good time all around.

And my chili DID win an award! Only, it wasn’t the best-in-show. I won the WORST CHILI award. No. Really. My prize was a can of Hormel chili which now resides in my cupboards.

And guess who won the first place pize. THE COMMANDER. Seriously? How rigged is that? ;)

Anyway, I tried most of the chilis and really don’t think mine was the worst. In fact, I had a few airmen tell me mine was the best! And I really liked it. How can you go wrong with a chili recipe that calls for a can of beer and a cup of strong coffee?! All I have to say is, Up your nose with a rubber hose, judges! ;) (The judges were the First Shirts from three other squadrons. Had it been judged by the people, it might have been a different story! Maybe not. Who knows!)

Anyway, regardless of my poor chili’s lack of true recognition, I had a fun time. Caleb was SUCH a good baby all day! He barely had a fussy moment. Of course, he was constantly being held by one person or another, so that’s probably why! Whatever the reason, he picked a perfect day to be a perfect baby!

The bad news is that I think my laptop is dying a slow and painful death. The system restore that I did last month still hasn’t stopped it from randomly shutting down when I’m in the middle of something. It’s sluggish and annoying. And two nights ago, I accidentally spilled some water on the keyboard. Now I can’t log into it at all. I’m going to try a USB keyboard today to see if I can at least back up the few things I’ve done over the past month before it really gives up the ghost. I was hoping to wait until next year for a new computer, but the time may be upon us now. Boo!

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