Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Collection

Friends of ours from Georgia just arrived here last month. And as we were so kindly assisted by friends in the search for a house and car, we have attempted to help our friends in the same way. Doing so is like a strange sense of dejavu. Reliving the frustrations of house hunting ("We just let that house!") and finding a decent car and just trying to figure life out in a new country. Man, it was overwhelming at first! But I guess at some point, life in England became somewhat comfortable. Good thing, since we have three more years left!

We visisted Stonehenge and the city of Salisbury last weekend. It was really nice! I would have like a couple more hours in Salisbury (I didn't even have time to shop! *whine*), but we had a great chance to explore their cathedral, which houses one of the four remaining original copies of the Magna Carta. I love exploring European cathedrals!

I have switched the concentration for my Master's Degree from International Relations (also titled: What On Earth Was I Thinking?!) to Human Relations. My first HR class is in about six weeks, and I'm looking forward to it! I've also enrolled in two classes over the summer. I'm hoping to complete the program by the end of next year. Even if I don't, there should be no problem with finishing it by the time we leave.

We want to travel this summer. We had been thinking about going home this summer, but have decided not to. Maybe next summer! And while I'm disappointed that I won't get to see my family and friends and introduce them to the new little man in my life, I am hopeful that we'll get to see Europe this year! Of course, all of this hangs on Caleb's passport. We applied for it on January 2nd and still have not received it. Nor have we received his SSN, applied for at the same time. Which means we can't do our taxes. Which is a little frustrating. It's so complicated having an American baby overseas!

Speaking of the booger, we introduced Caleb to solids this week. And by "solids," I mean anything but! He had his first Big Boy meal from a spoon and a bowl. It was a gourmet selection of runny rice cereal. It wasn't an instant hit. In fact, it garnered facial expressions akin to those I have when my husband passes gas. But after a few bites, he seemed to get the hang of it and enjoyed it! He even managed to get some in his hair. Makin' momma proud!

Now to end with a confession: I hate washing bottles. Bugggh. Selfishly I wish I was still breastfeeding, if for no other reason than to avoid washing bottles every night! I guess introducing solids means that at some point (in the not-near future) bottles will be a thing of the past! Speaking of which, I better get on it. Good-night!

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