Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Hot Tamale

Ambitious Kelly woke up this morning. Thank goodness. She came right on time.
I managed to get five loads of laundry done (how is it possible we even HAVE five loads of laundry? I'll blame the small, British washing machine), baked five dozen cookies for a squadron event tomorrow, cleaned the house, did poop patroll in the back yard, and made a last-minute run to Tesco tonight. Quite frankly, I'm exhausted.

Cleaning the house is the worst. I can assure you I will never live in a three story house again. Just cleaning the house is a serious work out. Forget lunges. Get two flights of stairs and make about eight zillion trips up and down them a day. You'll burn calories like no other.

So tomorrow the squadron is having a chili cook-off. I'm a HUGE fan of chili cook-offs. But I've never entered into the competition. The Key Spouse Organiztion that I'm a part of is hosting the chili cook-off. To be honest, I'm not entering to compete, but just to support the event. None-the-less, as I chopped my onions and chili peppers tonight in preparation for tomorrow, I couldn't help imagining myself, the unsuspected underdog, taking the trophy (not that there is a trophy, mind you.) In my imagination, Caleb and I accepted the honor with a rousing rendition of "We Are the Champions." (Sidenote: that song ALWAYS makes me think of the movie Mickey Blue Eyes. Hilarious.) Again, I'm not really "in it to win it," but a tiny part of me wants to win just so I can sing that song. And I would sing it. Because that's how cool I am.

So now that I've accomplished all I needed to today, I am celebrating my ambition with a plate of the reddest strawberries I've seen this side of 2008. Man, I love me some Tesco produce. Buh-licious. In a minute I'm going to bed, because I'll need all the rest I can get to enjoy my victory tomorrow. Wish me luck! ;)

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