Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eating My Words

Yeah. Remember my blog about how cool it is to live off base? Today, the regular half-hour drive to base took my husband two-and-a-half hours because of an accident on the A-11. Two-and-a-half HOURS. Eek.

Yesterday, I had to drive in to base twice. It was unavoidable. I couldn't squeeze the visits in to one. And I hate driving to base more than once a day. Especially with gas prices now! Ouch! I filled up my tank yesterday and it cost me FIVE dollars more than usual!

We also got our electricity and gas bill yesterday. The direct debit we have set up has been paying about 40 pounds less a month that we've been consuming. So over the last quarter, we've racked up a good debit we'll be paying off over the next four months. Ouch, again.

Some days nothing beats convenience. Today we wish we lived on base.

(Having said that, though, if the weather stays half-way decent today, Caleb and I are walking down to town to buy produce at the market and to check out a few historic sites I've missed over the last 15 months. Hooray for that!)

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