Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Roly Poly

Smarty pants! Caleb learned to roll over from his back to tummy some time ago, but would only roll to the left sid. And he didn't much feel like rolling from tummy to back. I gave him plenty of floor time to encourage such activity, but he just wasn't interested in rolling other directions.
Then yesterday I was at a friends house, and he suddenly started not only rolling tummy-to-back, but to the right side as well! I put him on the floor, and he rolled over three times in a row! This is both exciting and a little nerve-wracking. He's truly becoming mobile, which means I need to get crackalackin' at baby-proofing the house.

I've purchased some British plug covers and placed them throughout the house. But I also need some American plug covers for the transformers that don't have things plugged into both sockets. I have a couple of baby gates I guess I need to bring in from the garage. And I really need to think about ordering some cushiony framey type things to put around the edge of the coffee table. (Our coffee table has a metal frame, so we definately need to baby-proof that bad boy!)

He's also learned how fun it is to blow raspberries while he has a mouth full of baby food. It cracks him up.

In response to Katie's comments about being that annoying person at the passport office: I am! The problem is that I have to deal with the MPF passport office on base, and they deal with the embassy. And the MPF office NEVER EVER answers their phone. I need to make it a point to go to Mildehall this week for some obnoxious face time. Tommy stopped in last week and received promises to have the situation checked on, but alas: no response. That doesn't stop me from calling 5-6 times a day, but their answer rate is about 5%. Ridiculous.

Additionally, it's still within the embassy's work time frame. They said it can take 6-10 weeks. This Friday will make 10 weeks since the second submission of the application. (Never mind that we submitted it the first time 4 weeks before that on the correct application at the time, and it was returned to us because they didn't process it before a new app was affective!)

Anyway, still waiting. Still calling. Needing to go in one of these days and cause a ruckus.

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