Thursday, April 24, 2008

Starting to Feel Like Home

I know I'm posting too much about England this month, but hey, that's the way I roll. Patterns in posting: obsession on one subject until I move on to the next. Anyway, this is only partially about living in England.

MAN, it's a gorgeous day here! I can't wait till Caleb's had his second meal for the day so we can take a walk. I printed up a map of all the cool sites in my town from the town's website, and I'm planning on hitting at least one or two today. Hooray! Unfortunately I didn't make it to the market yesterday because it rained mose of the day, off and on. I really needed to pick up some carrots for a salad!

Last night was my second night of my Issues in HR Training class, and I am LOVING it! My classmates are cool, the teacher is cool, the subject is interesting and engaging. Also, I'm doing a 20 minute trainging session on...(wait for it)...SPAM!! No, not email. Canned meat! I'm so excited about this, it's almost embarrassing.

I was driving home from class last night and hit a thick patch of fog in the middle of the Thetford Forest, and man, was it eerie! For those of you unfamiliar with where I live, from base I have to drive North-ish through a town called Brandon, and then go North-Eastish through a few miles of the Thetford Forest. It's a windy, single-lane road that crawls up and down hills through a thick forest. It can be eerie any night, because it's the kind of place that you'd imagine a scary ax-murder just popping out from the woods. But the added fog made it creepy like a scene from a scary movie.

Having said that, though, it's my favorite part of my drive to and from base. (Unless you get stuck behind a slow truck or tractor, because it's almost never safe to pass on this road. And passing in England, even when safe, makes me very nervous.) But other than occasional traffic frustrations, it's a peaceful drive. It's so gorgeous in the fall! More than anything, though, it's unlike anywhere I've ever lived. I know there are tons of forrests in the US, but we've never live near one (unless you count the small thicket behind our house in Oklahoma, but I don't.)

As I was driving through it last night, I realized, 'Some day, I'm going to miss this.' It's the blessing and the curse of military life overseas. They call it a long tour, but four years isn't all that long. And that's not to say I necessarily want to be here longer than four years. Honestly, I think that will be quite enough. But there will come a day when I'll miss driving through the Thetford Forest.

This is really starting to feel like home now.

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